Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Can I use a 48" like a 59"?
by RainSaucers Inc. on June 19th, 2017

Our first product, the 48" RainSaucer, was designed to work with one of the most common rain barrels- the converted 55 gallon drum which usually has a 2" NPS threaded hole. That's why we include a 2" NPS male adapter and a retention ring so that the 48" can be attached to the drum and not fly away. But that's not to say the 48" is invincible. Wind gusts over 30MPH can disable it and over time it can develop warps which although treatable, are an annoyance.

So what should you do when your 48" RainSaucer is regularly having wind or warp issues?

The cheapest and easiest solution we can recommend is to implement the 48" like a 59" on a bucket resting on the drum rather than into the drum itself. This means taking away the adapter and setting the 48" unit with filter installed right on to an open bucket with the retention ring coming from underneath the bucket. The key is to drill a small (1/4" should do it) hole at the bottom of the bucket so that the bucket drips right into the previously used opening on the drum. To make sure the bucket doesn't fly away, one can put something heavy in the bucket (like stones or gravel) or simply tie the bucket to the drum using the bucket's handle. As long as the bucket fully covers the 2" hole, mosquitoes should not be a problem.

For years, customers have been asking us if the 48" could be implemented like a 59", straight onto an open top barrel. And while we still don't want to encourage it (because the filter will not be as tight) it is certainly possible. As alluded to above, this will dramatically increase wind resistance from 30MPH to upwards of 50MPH where the 59" currently is rated.

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