Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System
Solve clean water for $828 Million Per Year
by RainSaucers Inc. on May 24th, 2017

It's hard not to be cynical about celebrities and their non-profits. Is it just for show? Or do they really care about these issues and are trying to use their influence for good. We've followed Matt Damon's charity closely over the years and we have to admit, progress is real. When we first invented the RainSaucer in 2009, there were 1 billion people on the planet without access to clean drinking. That has shrunk to just 663 Million people now- a decrease of 337 million, 6 million of which have to thank.

You also have to give Matt Damon props for his savvy use of social media- like his toilet strike in 2013 to raise awareness of sanitation issues. He is currently tied up with Belgian beer maker Stella Artois (see video) to sell beer glasses for $13 with half the proceeds going to clean water projects through

Overall, the Stella campaign is a good thing. But there is one part that I question- the numbers. Stella says that for each chalice sold they will donate $6.25 to which will in turn provide one person with clean water for 5 years. That means it costs just $1.25 per person per year. Multiply that by the 663 Million people without clean water and it means that the world's water crisis can be solved for just $828 Million per year. That doesn't sound like a lot when you consider the annual budget for US AID is $22.7 Billion and that Gates Foundation is sitting on $40 Billion. So either those numbers are quite a bit off or we are well within reach of solving the global water crisis, once and for all.

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